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  Hurworth Concert Band

About Us

The Concert Band is made up of brass, woodwind and percussion. The history of the band is quite long since it was founded on the 16 th of October 1986. From small beginnings it has grown to over 30 regular players who work under the direction of Bob Howe, who is an accomplished musician himself.

Bob has an extensive military musical background as a warrant officer,WO2, in the Light Infantry of the Burma Band where he worked for 15 years as a Band Sergeant Major. His responsibilities included, conducting, orchestration and performance. His skill and experience are entirely responsible for the increasingly high standard of performance the band achieves today.

Our aim is to make a significant contribution in the community for players and non-players. Musicians of all standards are welcome and will soon find their skills growing, being fostered by the creative and supportive environment of the band.

Bob has created a well-organised and extensive library enabling him to provide a wide range of music. This includes classical, pop, film, dance etc. both recent or not - the best arrangements are guaranteed. Musical variety is fabulous and ensures there’s something for everyone.

The band rehearses every Wednesday evening between 7.30 and 9.30 at Hurworth Grange which is about 4 miles from Darlington. New players are always appreciated!

At the moment we have a particular vacancy for a trumpet and a bass brass player.

If you play any band instrument and enjoy music then please don’t hesitate – give us a call – all ages and abilities will be given a warm welcome. There is no charge to join the band but many members have chosen to join a weekly £1 draw, which goes towards hall fees etc. Rehearsals are conducted in the comfort of Hadwin hall, Hurworth Grange. There is good parking and a great little bar.

Contact Carolyn or Gill to engage the band.

All requests will be considered and the rates found to be very reasonable. Performances are tailored to meet the needs of the group or gathering making the booking.
We have performed for private parties, for corporate and fundraising events using a variety of venues from village and church halls, concert halls and also out of doors often on a bandstand.

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Latest News

Lottery Fund and Sponsorship
December brought the dissappointing news that we had been unsuccessful in out application to the lottery fund. We applied because much of our equipment is old, worn and barely fit for purpose. Our aim is to rectify this. It might be difficult to imagine just how much shared equipment we need. This comes in the form of music stands, and folders, wind irons (to hold the music in place during outdoor performances ) and music-stand banners. All of which are expensive. Once replaced we expect them to last a number of years. However, we also have to cover certain ongoing costs. The greatest of these is in the purchase of new music. This is essential to maintain current and appropriate music for the varying events we perform at. A single set of music parts can cost anything between £60 and £160 and this might represent only 10 minutes of actual playing time.
To help us come to terms with this we are now actively seeking a sponsor(s) who would help meet these expenses. Anyone who would like to help please contact any member of the committee.

In our recent AGM we were sorry to receive the resignation of Colin Yates who has given invaluable service over a great number of years. Pete Carter also retired from the committee. Our appreciation for their work was noted. We are pleased to welcome Ali & Stuart Pinches to the committee and thanks to Claire who will take on the extra role of treasurer in place of Colin. Thanks also to remaining committee for their continued contributions. December brought the usual festive rush with gigs in Darlington market square, the Dolphin Centre a pub and of course our special Christmas Dinner. Each event a great success - pictures in the gallery below.

Contact Us

Carolyn Smiles      07717 244579

Gill Chapple      07870 388521

Colin Yates (Band Treasurer)      01609 881304

Hurworth Grange Community Centre
41 Hurworth Road
Hurworth Place
County Durham
Telephone 01325 720840